Payday loans of € 750

Although being on a list of defaults will greatly reduce your chances of obtaining financing, some entities that offer urgent mini-credits will do so, despite having outstanding debts. Currently, there are several private lenders willing to grant you mini urgent loans with ASNEF of up to 750 euros.

These are the characteristics of the urgent mini-credits with ASNEF

A few years ago, the fact of being registered in a delinquency file caused many difficulties to access a financing product since the banks refused to grant a loan to a person with unpaid debts. Currently, the banks still do not grant loans to people who are in ASNEF, but with the appearance of new private online mini-credit companies during the crisis it is increasingly easy to contract a loan despite being in a record of defaults.

The urgent minicréditos with ASNEF granted by private lenders allow us to obtain up to 250 euros in a matter of minutes through an online process, which does not require paperwork or a guarantee. Its repayment period is usually around 30 days and its interests are around 1.1% daily, so 100 euros lent to 30 days will generate 33 euros in interest.

In addition, companies do not charge us extra commissions, nor force us to contract linked products because they appear on one of these lists since companies offer urgent mini-credits with ASNEF as an advantage. Only, we will have to meet two additional requirements: that our debt does not exceed the limit established by the company (usually 1,000 euros) and that it is not linked to a bank.

Know the conditions to contract mini loans with ASNEF

The requirements that we will have to meet to access these products will depend on the risk criteria of the lender we go to. However, there are a series of minimum conditions that must be met in the vast majority of cases to be able to contract mini urgent credits with ASNEF and are specific for those with outstanding debts:

  • They will demand that the non-payment be with financial entities, that is, the debt can not have been acquired with a bank. Therefore, the cases in which we have incurred a non-payment with a telephone company or any other company, will not make it impossible for us to access the mini-credits with ASNEF.

  • Our unpaid debt cannot exceed the limit set by the company. This figure can vary between 200 euros and 1,000 euros depending on the private lender we go to.

In addition to these two specific requirements related to outstanding debts applicants must also meet the usual requirements for all financial products available on the market today have at least between 18 to 25 years, resident in Spain so permanent and enjoy the sufficient, regular and demonstrable income. Also, they will ask us to have a bank account and that we provide our contact information-loans.

Loans instantly with ASNEF are not more expensive

The mini loans with outstanding debts have the same cost as a regular mini credit, that is, the private equity companies that sell them will not charge us extra money for this type of product. This is so because the companies offer these fast loans with ASNEF as an additional advantage, therefore, the price of the mini-loan will be determined by the lender that we use.

In addition, it is possible to find mini-loans with interest-free debt in the current market. Thanks to Bridge the gap between paydays, the applicants to whom the money is granted will not have to pay an extra euro. Therefore, if we request 100 euros to be repaid in 30 days, we will only have to repay the 100 euros demanded within the stipulated period. The latter is very important because otherwise the offer will not be applied and we will have to pay the interest plus the penalties the for delay that the company considers appropriate.

It is advisable to comply with the reimbursement period

In cases where we request mini urgent loans, we must pay special attention not to delay with the reimbursement, because we could be in an economic situation aggravated by the delays. If we do not have the certainty that we will be able to comply with the payment of the only fee, the most advisable thing is that we do not resort to this financing.

Tips to quickly get mini-credits with ASNEF

When we are surprised by an unexpected situation and do not have enough money to face it, we need to obtain financing as quickly as possible to solve the problem as soon as possible. In these cases, asking for a mini loan can be a good solution, since these products are entered in a matter of a few minutes.

However, there are some factors that can delay the transfer up to 48 hours. This is because, although the entities make the transfer instantly, the transfers of money between accounts that are not from the same bank are not immediate. As lenders do not work with all banks in Spain, if we have an account in a different bank than the lender, the money will take longer to arrive.

Recommendations when requesting mini credits with ASNEF

As we have one or more unpaid debts, when requesting money from a lender we must take special care and attention, since our situation is much more delicate than that of the average applicant. Therefore, if we think about hiring urgent mini-loans with ASNEF to solve a problem quickly, we should take into account several tips that will prevent us from becoming more indebted:

  • Do not hire them as usual financing system: it is important that we are clear that the urgent mini-loans with ASNEF are a timely solution and that we can not use them regularly since we will risk over-indebtedness.
  • Ensure we have the money to repay on time, because if we delay in payment, the company will apply sanctions that will increase the total cost and, again, we could enter into a debt spiral very damaging to our financial situation.
  • Check that the company is legal: there are companies that try to take advantage of the people who are in a delinquency file and organize scams, so it is convenient that we take security measures before hiring urgent mini-loans with ASNEF. For example, if they promise us that they can take us out of ASNEF or ask us for money in advance, we should distrust them.