Apple’s paradox: sell less iPhone but earn more money

Apple continues to earn huge amounts of money but the iPhone has had a small tripping of sales

By Juan Castromil @castromil,


No doubt Apple has had a complicated year. Neither the launch of the iPhone 8 nor the iPhone X seems to have gone according to their plans. However, the revenues and profits of the last quarter of 2017 have been better than ever.

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The iPhone 8 had a bad launch eclipsed by the iPhone X that would sell weeks later. And the iPhone X had less sales than expected due to its high price and lack of supply in the first weeks. The result is that Apple has sold 77.3 million iPhones, slightly less iPhone than the previous quarter. Despite what may seem is not a catastrophe, it has only been 1% less.

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The surprising thing is that despite this, they have entered and earned more money, largely because the average price of the iPhone has risen sharply to $ 796 (the previous quarter was just over 600). Just remember that the iPhone X is the first iPhone to overcome the barrier of 1,000 euros and stays at the door if we talk in dollars ($ 999 without counting taxes). So the equation has been “less iPhone x higher price = more benefits” . This has worked this quarter, but beware, it does not always have to be that way.

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Meanwhile the active iPhone base continues to grow slowly but inexorably from the 1 billion 2 years ago to the approximately 1.3 billion today. This is largely explained by its longer useful life and its greater reuse / resale potential.

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