Baleares has 398 million euros pending payment and a treasury availability of 150 million

Baleares has 398 million euros pending payment and a treasury availability of 150 million

Marí: "Today we are a little better than in 2011 but we have to continue working"

Baleares has, as of May 31, 2015, a total of 398 million euros pending payment "compared to 1,561 million euros in 2011", as revealed this Wednesday by the acting Minister of Finance and Budgets, José Vicente Marí, who, on the other hand, has indicated that, covered this June, the treasury availability of the Islands will be 150.1 million euros.

"The results allow us to say that today we are a little better than in 2011," said Marí, who, however, added that Baleares is not in a situation of "fireworks", so we must continue working. "We have gone from a negative evolution of income to a positive evolution of the income of the community," he added.

Specifically, of the 398 million euros pending payment, the councilor has detailed that 169.1 million correspond to the Consells Insulars -144 million of them advances; 19.6 million euros to other institutions; 21.6 million to suppliers and other creditors in the community; 144.3 million to suppliers and other creditors of IbSalut and 22.1 million to suppliers of public companies. However, he added that many of these amounts correspond to the monthly payments in progress.

Regarding the balance of 150.1 million expected cash availability to June of this year, Marí has ​​indicated that at 31 May the balance was 191.4 million, but that, between the income and expected payments, the figure was it will be 150.1 million.

Meanwhile, SEC and non-SEC debt, as of May 30, is expected to be 8,434 million euros, including the Tax Agency policy and the 350 million euros arranged by the general administration and SEC entities.

This indebtedness -SEC and not SEC- corresponds to 54.5% to the State, 5.9% in the short term, 31.6% to loans and 8% to emissions.

"the indebtedness ,

The main imbalance "

"Indebtedness is the main imbalance in the public accounts of the Balearic Islands," said Marí, who has specified that this has increased by 60% during this term because "we had to incorporate 1,600 million of commercial debt and has become financial" . "The new indebtedness of the Balearic Islands corresponds to the deficits that the community has incurred each year, while liquidating budgets with deficit indebtedness will continue," he explained.

Regarding the average payment period, this is 54.18 days for the regional administration, since in health it reaches 71.02 days, in education at 17.5, in social services it is paid per day (-1, 19) and at 15.53 in the rest.

Marí pointed out that an adjustment has been made in spending of 617 million euros, an increase in revenues of 236 million euros and that the public deficit has been reduced by 853 million euros.

Forecast of growth superior to 3%

The economic growth rate was 1.9% in 2014 and the forecast for 2015 is to exceed 3%. For this reason, it has considered that "a path of fiscal consolidation and reforms has been made that, far from deepening the revision, has returned the community to economic growth and the generation of employment".

In addition, he pointed out that it has gone from a debt needs of around 1,000 or 1,300 million to a range of between 350 and 450 million euros. Accompanied by the general directors of Budgets and Financing and the Treasury, Financial Policy and Patrimony, Antoni Costa and Miquel Miralles, Marí has ​​said that reducing that deficit "only leads us to maintain ourselves, which means being the last ones in spending on education and health "

On tax revenues, has admitted that is not yet at levels "pre-crisis" on the taxes managed by the community.

In this sense, the acting conseller has stated that the increase in revenue in 2014 compared to the previous year was 17.01% and that for 2015 they have "prudently" foreseen a rise of 4.32%. However, the variation of 2014-2015 in May is already 14.52%, so the increase is expected to be "much higher" than the 4.32% budgeted.

On the tax revenues derived from the financing system, it has highlighted the "step forward" that there was in 2009 "of the order of 300 million euros", as well as that "this legislature the revenues from the financing system have been over 2,000 million "

"Our obsession has been to look to make things and make decisions with sense, looking not to sell motorcycles, to accompany the effort of citizenship being faithful and being up to the effort, making complicated decisions and always thinking that benefited a lot more people, the results allow us to say that today we are a little better than in 2011, we have made a road, it is not the end of the road, the community must continue to make a road, "he said before highlighting the importance of modifying the system of regional financing.

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