Several mayors investigated for the FMC bonuses return the money

  • The mayors CiU and ERC and one of the PSC have already done so, while a popular and an ecosocialist will do it only if irregularities are shown.
  • They feel cheated because they believed that the Federation paid them for their work.
  • It took 4 months to inform them that an opinion questioned the payments.
  • A total of 44 mayors are investigated for the alleged collection of bonuses.
Joan Mora

The mayor of Mataró, Joan Mora, shows his certificate of income of the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia after the controversy of the bonuses. JORDI PUJOLAR / ACN

Some of the mayors and former mayors investigated by the collection of bonuses of the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia have defended this Friday because they did not know that they received the money in concept of diets. They feel cheated and have a clear conscience although some of them have opted to return the money while waiting for the case to be resolved and others have said they will if the irregularities are proven. According to Catalunya Ràdio, the Prosecutor's Office will request that the 44 mayors be named as imputed.

They say they feel betrayed by the Federation of Municipalities The five mayors and former mayors of CiU involved have sent letters to the entity where they announce that they return in a prudent manner the money collected through an attached nominative check . This is the mayor of Mataró, Joan Mora; that of Sant Quirze del Vallès, Montserrat Mundi; the one from Matadepera (Barcelona), Mireia Solsona; the one from Reus, Carles Pellicer, and the former mayor of Riudecanyes (Tarragona), Josep Maria Tost.

In the letter, they deny that they were informed that these payments were received as per diets. " I was always considered as a compensation associated with the position and I was never required to provide documentary proof of expenses," they write in their letters. Likewise, they denounce that the Federation did not inform them that a February ruling questioned these payments.

It took four months to inform them that an opinion questioned the payments "I can not understand the reasons why I was not informed of the existence of this report and, more importantly, that there was a legal controversy over the correction of the aforementioned diets " , the mayors argue. It was not until June 30 that the Federation called them to a meeting to inform them of the opinion on the perceptions. All of them, who defend that they scrupulously fulfilled all the duties associated with their responsibilities, ask for explanations from the Federation to clarify this situation.

In addition, they plan to withdraw from the FMC "until responsibilities are cleared, explanations and guarantees are given on the situation." The continuity of the general secretary of the entity, Adolfo Moreno, is also raised. " We must separate the rotten apples that may be, but we can not put everyone in the same bag, " said the mayor of Mataró. Precisely, the executive committee of the Federation will meet this Friday afternoon.

ERC will assess the reason for the existence of two municipal organizations They have also returned the money ERC mayors, as reported by the party in a statement, which explains that has asked the FMC to clarify and determine the nature of the perceptions that they reintegrate and their legal destiny. The republican mayors will study the need to rethink the structures of support to the municipal world and will value their continuity in the FMC, as well as the reason for the existence of two municipal organizations.

One of them is Solsona (Lleida), David Rodríguez, who holds the vice presidency of the FMC and who received 600 euros a month for a year, as he believed, for his responsibilities and his work representing the entity. He has assured that he has "nothing to hide" because he has always acted "correctly". "When I entered, I did not question the compensation system because I trusted the legal services of the entity," admitted the Republican, who has promised to explain to the residents of the municipality when he has all the information.

Different reactions

The mayor of Tiana (Barcelona), the socialist Esther Pujol, announced that the judge who instructed the case "has the 3,333 euros collected during a year formalized and deposited at your disposal", in case the irregularities are proven. She is the first mayor of the PSC who returns the money although she understands that she received it as compensation for her work.

Some people are opposed to returning the money while the irregularities are not shown " I have nothing to hide and I have always acted correctly , my agenda is open, and it includes the attendance to the monthly executive committees, meetings of the subject in which I am responsible , activities of institutional representation and others that may derive from the defense of the interests in the field of the Catalan sports world, "he added.

On the other hand, the mayor of Castelldefels (Barcelona), Manuel Reyes -one of the two PP mayors involved together with Pontons (Barcelona), Lluís Caldenteny-, has announced that he will return the 5,000 euros he received from the Federation "if they prove irregularities . " Although he has not wanted to value the research, he has assured that throughout his political career he has always worked in a "legal and clear" manner. The ex-mayor of Molins de Rei (Barcelona), the eco-socialist Iván Arcás, does not intend to return the money if there are no irregularities in the understanding that doing so would mean admitting them.

Without proof of payments

For his part, the also socialist Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, mayor of Tarragona, has presented a document from the Federation in which the general secretary of the association certifies that "no remuneration has been paid to Ballesteros during the years 2011 and 2012" . Thus, has denied categorically, as he did on Thursday with a folio of the police report -where he says that in the documentation and accounting seized on November 27, 2012 the transfers to the mayor have not been located-, have received bonuses. "If someone, in this ceremony of confusion, wants to put me in the middle, I announce that I will take legal action to defend myself," he warned.

The mayors of Trmps and Tarragona deny having received any payment The mayor of Tremp, Víctor Orrit (PSC), has also assured that "he has not received a single euro in terms of allowances or displacement ." To justify it attached the document of the Mossos d'Esquadra which ensures that it is clear that there has been no transfer from the FMC to the mayor despite the fact that on Thursday it was reported that he had charged 2,244 euros. In this document, he also denies proof of economic transfers "towards Mollerussa (Teresa Ginestà is supposed), Llorenç Artigas Planas, Josep Fèlix Ballesteros and Víctor Orrit".

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